Kota Kemuning Church of Christ

Just a Servant

by Eng Kim Leng, Kota Kemuning church of Christ

Service is a display of love, most understood,  

Like the Samaritan, who helped his neighbour.  

Not expecting anything, as some would,  

Showing mercy to the one attacked by robbers.


Jesus showed service, by His good example,  

He came not to be served, but to serve.  

In humility, He washed the feet of His apostles,  

Selflessly, thinking of others before Himself.


The acts of service, supplies to the impoverished,  

Exhibiting generosity, lending a helping hand.  

He who sows bountifully, will be equally astonished.  

Abounding in liberal sharing with all man.


There is joy in service to the God,  

Supplying the needs of brethren, in love.  

Doing so heartily unto the Lord,  

Shining as light before the world. 

Using the gifts that we received to serve,  

By our good work, to glorify our heavenly Father,  

In all things, God be praised through Jesus, 

 In well doing, entering the joy of the Master.

Let us not grow weary in doing good,  

An act of kindness that all should pursue.  

Considering ourselves as unprofitable servants,  

Having done that which is our duty to do.


The greatest honour one may have,  

Is to be remembered for his service in the Lord.  

At the end of one’s journey on earth,  

An epitaph that reads, ‘A Servant of God’.

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