Kota Kemuning Church of Christ

First Time Visiting?

Here's a short guide on what to expect

We understand that coming to a Christian bible class or worship service, especially for those who are not familiar with church services, can be intimidating. You might not understand the passages of the Bible read, you may be unfamiliar with the music, or you might feel overwhelmed by so many new faces.

Rest assured that we want you to feel safe and welcome. You will not be asked or expected to stand up to introduce yourself, contribute any money to us, or do anything else you feel is uncomfortable.

You may notice if you attend our services that we sometimes call each other brother or sister as a salutation before our names. This is because we are brothers and sisters in Christ (Mark 3:35). You don’t have to use the salutation if you are a visitor.

We have information on our Sunday services which you can read here to familiarise yourself before coming. 

If you wish to visit us on a particular Sunday and would like to have someone to greet you, let us know here, and we’ll get in touch with you before your visit. If you’d like, a member can also sit with you to help you feel comfortable and guide you.

We can also arrange for a personal bible study with you on Sunday morning, or at another time. Let us know here.

Our services are fully in person, and we’d love to meet you in real life. If you can’t come by, we also stream virtual services via Livestream or at our YouTube channel every Sunday.

We look forward to meeting you!